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House Event - RDS, 27th & 28th May, Stand A14

House Event takes place this coming weekend (27 & 28th of May) in the RDS and we'll be there. This is the 2nd year this show is running and it promises to be a good event. The focus is specifically interior design so we're expecting lots of cool stuff. It's always a busy time leading up to an event like this. As I create every single lamp by hand, sourcing timber, crafting the base and wiring plugs it’s a time consuming process. There's also the other work that goes into it in terms of promotional material, business cards and the like. Well be there showing off some of our more popular lamps but as I'm always tinkering, I have created a number of one-off pieces from really unusual finds

such as the very old gramophone above that's "been lamped". The photo really doesn't do it justice. I think these pieces are quirky and beautiful but we'll leave it to the public to decide. I'm calling them my "hen's teeth" range.

Find out more about House Event here.

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