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Recommended by Homo Faber Guide

We are delighted and honoured to receive news of Eoin's inclusion in the Homo Faber guide as a master artisan for Copperfish. The Homo Faber guide is a curated selection of artisans, ateliers, museums and experiences across Europe.

Eoin was interviewed for the guide and in it he talks about how he learnt his trade starting on building sites many years ago. The interview also focuses on the story behind the materials he uses and sustainability. Click here to read the full interview.

The Guide is curated by the Michelangelo Foundation, an international non-profit organisation that "celebrates and preserves master craftsmanship and strengthens its connection to the world of design". Their goal is "to help people rediscover the ability of the human hand to create, and support those doing it best: the exceptional contemporary European master artisans using long-held traditions, skills and knowledge to make beautiful objects of lasting value". You can search by location or craft to discover a wealth of craftmanship across Ireland and Europe on the Homo Faber guide. Watch the short video below to learn more about what they do.


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