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The Copperfish Promise

We pride ourselves on our workmanship and the quality of our materials and are willing to stand over our products with a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing faults.  Read more about our guarantee and our returns policy here.  

Dromod Irish Yew

Dromod Irish Yew


The Dromod is our nod to where it all began in an old thatched cottage with a warm open hearth. Handmade from Irish yew, the classic and minimalist design of the Dromod heroes the natural beauty in this stunning wood. With vintage style fittings and a retro style LED bulb, the Dromod lamp is a timeless and beautiful addition to any home.


Irish yew in ancient timber that regularly appears in Irish history and mythology.  We believe this particular yew is somewhere between 600-800 years old. Yew was planted in graveyards many years ago to deter farmers from grazing their cattle because the berries are poisonous to cattle.  It regularly develops flecks of bright red and purple which develop over time due to the minerals in the soil where the tree was growing.   Your lamp will come with a label describing its particular provenance and the Copperfish stamp of authenticity.


Each lamp is unique, the colour, grain and finish of the wood will vary from lamp to lamp. All our lamps are made by hand in our studio in Rathnew, Co. Wicklow.   


All our bulbs are long-life LED and have an expected lifespan of 30,000 hours/10 years approx.

  • Bulb is smooth, round, retro style, long-life LED with amber glass and spiral filament. 12.5cms diameter. Bulb will last minimum 30,000 hours/10 years approx. Replacement bulbs if needed can be ordered directly from us or from specialist retailers nationwide.

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